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A graphical description of different possible tools for registering the course of events in different areas. When interpreting, avoid needless redundancy. help in writing thesis software The downsides of numbering everything the only real one I see is that if the equation is too large, things may get ugly, but this is usually fixable are insignificant compared to this.

To underscore the importance of good figure design and captioning, I like to use the following example. Refer to Math StackExchange numbered question Did this solve your problem? My core point is that a blanket ban on "clutter" as brought on by numbering everything isn't really warranted. letter writing services format for students in india When a reference to a table or a figure is a sentence subject, match it with an interpretive verb to describe the work that the table or figure performs.

What would be the purpose of having such a hidden number? Should all equations which appear in a thesis be numbered? All referenced equations obviously.

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Number all displayed equations. Unless your department or university requires it, there is no need to number all equations. Even a short look back, just to see that it is right there can be annoying. Did this solve your problem?

Air flow" is far less illuminating and accurate than the following: I don't see the text box, I think I need a higher reputation for this. Number all the equations, important intermediate steps and final step. The caption for a figure appears below the graphic; for a table, above.

To be certain your figures and tables have aesthetic appeal, heed these practices:. However, be sure that the equation flows as a readable unit of the sentence. I number all equations. Being optically prominent on the other hand means that they are disturbing when you do not care about them right now e. I number just the equations on the discussions and not those inside the proofs of the lemmas, propositions, theorems, corollaries, etc.

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Given that the viewers of the figure are intended to understand human movement and interactions within two different field areas an "area of operation" and a "command post" , depiction of these interactions greatly simplifies our understanding and connects us to the place of activity better than text alone could. And even when you can refer to equations with line numbers, as a reviewer, I really prefer to have the possibility to refer to equation numbers. write my report your boss I'm going to take a different view to most: Tables used in papers can be so simple that they are "informal" enough to be a sentence member and not require a caption, or they can be complex enough that they require spreadsheets spanning several pages.

As I moved into my PhD in the same field, though, and as I used that dissertation as a reference work for both journal publications and my later PhD thesis, but most often in my personal notes as I developed those ideas further, I very often found that I wanted to reference equations that I hadn't thought important enough to number at the time, so my notes are full of references to "the second equation between 3. For much more on how to present tables and figures, and for a nifty review of the different types, I highly recommend Paul V. quality custom essay workmanship Be sure to name tables properly; do not accidentally call them figures.

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Post as a guest Name. Whereas if every equation is numbered, since there is at least one or two big equations on each pages, following the reference becomes very quick. As you mention that you are writing your master thesis, you should also ask your advisor about personal preferences or which style is the norm in the sub-field. I chose this figure because, as often occurs in papers, it is effectively introduced at the end of a paragraph describing its function, and because it includes a thorough, descriptive caption.

Academia Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled. My experience is in pure mathematics. In your body text, always spell out the point that you want your reader to get from your figure or table. It clutters the page if there are many equations. If you intend to be taken seriously as a published writer within your field, shelling out the cash for handbooks within your field will pay handsome dividends.

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