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General Comment on the Introduction: Sample Comments are shown in blue italics Introduction Was the literature relevant to the topic reviewed in a critical manner? Were variables which might influence the study recognised and either controlled or measured? The finding that two of the herbal extracts tested were able to give a synergistic protective effect at very low concentrations, and that this effect occurred rapidly and was of long duration, is an interesting finding with possible future human clinical applications. General Comment on the Results Section:

However, greater care and optimisation of the short-term culture conditions would have greatly extended the number of cells available for experimentation at any one time. Were the findings compared to the known literature and placed in context? This and other parts of the thesis would benefit from a thorough spelling and syntax sentence structure check.

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Heart cells cardiomyocytes were isolated from both adult and neonatal cardiac tissue from the rat and the effects of the test substances were studied by following the contractile properties of such cells while subjecting then to a variety of oxidative stresses thought to mimic reperfusion injury in the heart. Do the conclusions overturn or challenge previous beliefs? Voltages used to induce contractility were excessive and resulted in very high levels of cardiomyocyte mortality, reducing the collection of good data. Example of thesis examination report Data representation could have been integrated better by combining many of the similar data sets into composite graphs and figures. This section was reasonable well presented, however, the methods used to undertake multiple studies on single cells with respect to increasing doses of the candidate agent, together with the washout protocol, were not described.

Statistical treatment of the data was inappropriate and more significant outcomes from the data were compromised. Statistical treatment of some of the data is very weak. Example of thesis examination report Are the nature and extent of the putative original contributions clear? Document management and control Owner:

A number of the extracts tested gave highly significant results with respect to the magnitude of their individual responses. Were the conclusions reached justifiable in the light of the data and the way they were analysed? Voltages used to induce contractility were excessive and resulted in very high levels of cardiomyocyte mortality, reducing the collection of good data.

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Download printable sample Kb PDF. Standard figure symbols as used in international journals should have been used. phd thesis defense marketing pdf This was in part due to the fact acknowledged above that the short-term cell culture conditions had not been adequately optimised. The examiner acknowledges the difficulty in maintaining, calcium-tolerant, adult cardiomyocytes over extended periods of time for contractility measurements.

Fluorescence measurements using an indicator of intracellular calcium ion fluxes needed to be standardized to provide actual concentrations which could be related to free versus bound forms of calcium ions. Key relevant documents Include the following: Download printable sample Kb PDF. how to edit an essay jacksonville fl Bonferroni or other multiple comparison tests were not used appropriately in some sections.

The actual numbers of inter- and intra-sample replicates in certain data sets were confusing. Intra- and inter-assay variations should have been better validated. editing and writing service singapore Thus the conclusions were justified and broadly reflected the thesis aims.

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Adequate referencing and brief discussion on the work of others were included. Greater commentary on the similarity of responses with certain extracts sharing similar structures could have been made. Example of thesis examination report The breadth of approaches used by the student in this study was particularly impressive. Further confirmatory experimental validation work would be necessary particularly on the whole, perfused working heart model before its potential value could be ascertained.

Dean of Graduate Studies Content manager: It comprises the academic head, an associate dean postgraduate , and the HoD nominee. Do you believe your results would have any future implications to the possibility of using antioxidants present in herbal-derived extracts in a clinical setting given that proof-of-principal, as opposed to anecdotal evidence is normally required to endorse further clinical trials and testing of such drugs and remedies?

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