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I respect that, I am proud of that, but the prevalent situation in the country is different, global scenario has also changed, governments are no longer the centre of economic activities, the scope of such activities has broadened. The real identity of India had not reached the world, but my dear brothers and sisters, our youngsters, years old youngsters have mesmerized the whole world with their skills in computers. essay on write by writers jealousy You imagine, if these crore countrymen move one step forward, then the country moves crore steps forward. Today, I wish to tell one more specific thing. The change will commence from this point.

Let's feel proud and clap for them. There was a time when the Emperor Ashoka who had chosen the path of wars, got converted to the path of Buddha at the sight of violence. top writing services gun lawn Now India can not decide its future by remaining isolated and sitting alone in a corner. We are trying to move forward with these dreams to achieve them. Parents ask their daughters hundreds of questions, but have any parents ever dared to ask their son as to where he is going, why he is going out, who his friends are.

I believe we can do that. Our dream is, therefore, of "Digital India". auto essay writer free Brothers and sisters, the world has undergone a change. Even after Independence, we have had to face the poison of casteism and communalism.

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There was a time in Nepal when their youngsters had opted for the path of violence but today I witness that the same youngsters are waiting for their constitution. Brothers and Sisters, development is the only way forward for the country. I want to say to those youngsters who have chosen the path of violence that whatever they are and wherever they are, it is all because of mother India only that they have got it.

On this day of sacred festival of independence, the prime servant of India extends greetings to all dear countrymen. How long these evils will continue? My countrymen, it's not long since I have come from outside Delhi, but I give you an assurance that the people in the government are very capable - from the peon to the Cabinet Secretary, everybody is capable, everybody has a power, they have experience.

If somebody tells me that those who have taken guns on their shoulders and kill innocent people are Maoists, are terrorists, but they are also somebody's children. Whether our country can not be clean? Brothers and sisters, we want to promote tourism.

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Brothers and sisters, I assure that this country has a destiny. How long these evils will continue? We have to create partnership with the people. write my essay online name on wallpaper Today in the face of global competition, when we have to realise the dreams of millions of Indians, the country cannot run on the lines of "it happens", "it goes".

E-governance is easy governance, effective governance and also economic governance. People wondered whether it is a work of a prime minister? I have seen such families.

How do we celebrate th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi? Earlier, in what manner did the world know our country? The 65 percent population of the country happens to be under the age of 35 years.

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People come out with different arguments, someone indulges in psycho analysis, but brothers and sisters, today from this platform, I want to ask those parents, I want to ask every parent that you have a daughter of 10 or 12 years age, you are always on the alert, every now and then you keep on asking where are you going, when would you come back, inform immediately after you reach. Every Indian would render service towards welfare of humanity. This is the beauty of India's Constitution, this is its capability which has made it possible that today a boy from small town, a poor family has got the opportunity to pay homage to the Tricolour of India at the ramparts of Lal Quila Red Fort.

I pay my respects to those architects of the constitution of India today. Brothers and sisters, I do not know how my speech is going to be criticised and how will people take it. My brothers and sisters, having taken a resolve to enhance the skill development at a highly rapid pace, I want to accomplish this. Tell us what you didn't like in the comments.

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