Kcl thesis submission guidelines

Students admitted to the joint PhD programmes will: Its academic excellence enables world class teaching, research and innovation in the service of society. Familiarise yourself with your uni's examination rules and appeals process esp deadlines for challenging a decision, and the grounds under which you can do so. best writing service magazines Mila [Registered User] 07 February

Get a copy of every regulation and good practice guide relating to the examination of a PhD at your university that you can find. Firstly I think i is a bit funny that your supervisors have cut you off. essay revise service argumentative Gwen86 - 17 February Gwen86 [Registered User] 17 February

After a 3 month wait, I received an email this morning from the office saying that I had been given 6 months revisions. I understand how devastated you must be feeling, so wanted to share some practical advice - and possibly a glimmer of hope. cheap custom writing in selenium It is obviously utterly devastating, but take some time out, and look at what to do next in a few days time when you are feeling less emotional. Pjlu [Registered User] 07 February I am also shocked.

Kcl thesis submission guidelines science fiction writers vietnam war

Your supervisors are quite probably already trying to find out the facts in the case, before they speak to you, as without the reports there's not much anyone can do. You've been treated appallingly by the graduate office. Kcl thesis submission guidelines I have seen crap Thesis to get an easy pass, good and hard working Thesis got stuck in somehow. With respect, it's not necessarily a case of where the thesis 'fell down', as the one thing you can't appeal is academic judgement however unfair this may seem. Sick for you, Anz.

Use the Data Protection Act: KCL as your home institution. Anz, I am heartbroken for you. Kcl thesis submission guidelines I am interested to know where the thesis fell down?

By continuing, we'll assume that you're happy to receive all cookies on this website. I think you need some distraction just now and some human company. Kcl thesis submission guidelines Anz, I am heartbroken for you. It just seems so unfair. I guess your internal has confirmed the outcome though?

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I hope someone here will be able to tell you what the next steps might be, but in the meantime, please take care of yourself because you've had such an awful shock. Please mind yourself and don't do anything rash. professional college paper writing programs Pjlu - 07 February I was relatively happy with this - it looked like no second viva needed to happen and that the end, although prolonged, was in sight.

Hi anz07, yes it is terrible what happened to you though unfortunately it is not only related to you in England. Was it in the methodology chapter, or the conceptualisation that frames the thesis? The admission decision will, however, be made jointly by both universities.

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Pjlu - 07 February You normally can't appeal on the basis of the academic decision being wrong, but it's worth checking if there were any procedural problems - any failures to comply with regulations - and speaking to a student union rep or someone like that about your options. Students are required to meet the entry requirements of both universities:

Gwen86 - 17 February I do hope this can be of some help or consolation. Rather than focusing on the actual outcome, it's important to try and find out whether this decision was reached jointly and in accordance with university regulations - which may require some detective work. Kcl thesis submission guidelines NBurger - 11 February I was relatively happy with this - it looked like no second viva needed to happen and that the end, although prolonged, was in sight.

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