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You are, therefore, re-assessing their data set with your own research question in mind. But for most other types of research, and especially if you are doing your graduate thesis, you need to arrive at a research question yourself. essay on service to humanity proverbs Unfortunately, the list of disadvantages does not end here. Having considered all the things outlined in the steps above, what can you conclude regarding the quality of your secondary data set?

Primary research usually requires months spent recruiting participants, providing them with questionnaires, interviews, or other measures, cleaning the data set, and analysing the results. The reason for this is simple: About Contact us Visit us Become a writer. book report writer microsoft word Once you have specified what kind of secondary data you need, you can contact the authors of the original study.

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Your first sub-step here if you are doing quantitative research is to outline all variables of interest that you will use in your study. Evaluate a secondary data set. Help to write a research paper using secondary data pdf There are several reasons for this.

Thus, you can also deal with longitudinal data, which may allow you to explore trends and changes of phenomena over time. TABLE 1 outlines the differences between primary and secondary research: In contrast to primary research, secondary research is easier, particularly because the researcher is less involved with the actual process of collecting the data. Help to write a research paper using secondary data pdf All researchers need to establish that their data is reliable and valid.

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Lack of control over the quality of data: In our second example, you will have two variables of interest: Each organisation keeps a track of its sales records, and thus your data may provide information on sales by geographical area, types of customer, product prices, types of product packaging, time of the year, and the like. Both can be used when you want to a inform your current research with past data, and b re-assess a past data set. professional writer services york You may also need to reverse-score some items, so that higher scores on all items indicate a higher degree of what is being assessed.

Most students value another important advantage of secondary research, which is that secondary research saves you time. For an undergraduate thesis, you are often provided with a specific research question by your supervisor. ghost writer for college papers quizlet Furthermore, secondary research requires less time and less money i.

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In our second example, you will have two variables of interest: Develop your research question s. Since we have used these examples previously, it may be useful to rely on them again to illustrate our discussion. Help to write a research paper using secondary data pdf One example is the data obtained through government sources.

If you had collected this data yourself, your own data set would probably have more flaws, simply because of your lower level of expertise when compared to these professional researchers. In previous sections of this guide, we have covered some basic aspects of doing secondary research. Help to write a research paper using secondary data pdf A great example of a reflective essay How to write a captivating conclusion to your essay How to write a dissertation literature review:

You also need to make a clear outline of the type of data collected — and especially the data relevant for your research. Were the original authors professional enough to trust their research? For instance, in our example of research on anxiety during pregnancy, your data will consist of scores on each item of the State Anxiety Inventory, completed at various times during pregnancy.

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