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You are the worst of the worst Dart Charge boss Nigel Gray. Are some vehicles exempt from paying the charge: The whole thing stinks. the help essay youth of indian I have had no reply to the appeal. I paid the toll charges after 3 days of crossing..

Am thinking of getting legal advice Good luck David. Can large groups of cyclists use the Dartford Crossing service: So their system has failed to recognise my first crossing and applied the penalty. personal essay writers thesis generator Can I argue it once that happens? On that faithful day I can remember seeing someone in the booth that had no information for me as i am not a regular user, I remember him looking at me when I offered him cash as usual but said I shld go.

It was late evening and in the end we had to leave it. Not being from that area and not having used the tunnel for many years, we assumed the lack of toll booths was due to abolishment after the crossing had been paid for, as promised by the Government many years ago, and the the implementation of congestion charge. us writing service blog I paid the toll approx. Has anyone else had this situation?

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I feel some post toll system evaluation is needed! No acknowledgement, no reply. This must be costing Dart-charge an absolute fortune in time wasted paperwork, not to mention the stress and cost to car owners.

A spokesman said yesterday: It took me longer to pay than the Dartford Crossing itself which make a nonsense of the claim that having no tolls saves time! Worried about receiving a charge, I called them on the phone, but they said they have no way of knowing if I will receive a PCN, and whether or not it will be counted as a first offence this time.

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I have just been on to the Government Dart Charge pay website and paid for my two crossings return trip which i made two days ago, I know I was late to pay it but it still let me pay, do you think I will still get a PCN in the post? I rarely use the crossing so why should I give money for an account used three or four times a year. We have spent hundreds of pounds paying tolls throughout Europe quite willingly, do they really think we would have a problem with paying through the Dartford tunnel..

I drove a return journey through the tunnel and did the right thing by paying on line the day before. After making a one-off payment, make sure you keep hold of your payment reference number then head to the link below. help with writing college essay your How do I pay: At least the toll system in Portugal works and is efficient. Pay for an individual crossing online by heading here before midnight the following day.

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My experience of it to date is that it is specifically designed to catch law abiding citizens out and extort huge fines from them to make as much profit as possible. Got a charge through the post for a car I used to own. I have not used the dartford crossing since the barriers were removed — is it possible to pay for the crossing at the Thurrock Services — if not can I pay by phone and what is the number. Used the car again a week later and now have another PCN? When I was check in online to pay there shown only 5pounds, whatever I paid at the moment and hoping there is no more charges coming in further as per Pete Barden says….

Customer service advised that the vehicle details must be registered on the account PRIOR to any crossing for it to be charged to my account and that they are unable to charge it to my account retrospectively. You need to allow at least another 20 minutes to your journey if going that way if not more. This bridge always has been poorly signposted — previously, the first sign warning of an impending toll came beyond the last opportunity to leave the motorway.

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